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Note: To schedule Training please contact the Union Hall.
  Asbestos Abatement Refresher - Harrisburg
8:00 am - Union Hall

  Asbestos Abatement Refresher - Allentown
8:00 am - Breinigsville Holiday Inn

1st Year 8.2019.pdf 1st Year 1.2019.pdf
  Fist Year Apprenticeship Schedules

1st year 1.2019O_1.pdf 1st year 2018 Org_1.pdf
  First Year Apprentice Schedule -Organized

2nd Year 6.2018.pdf
  2nd Year Apprentice Schedule

3rd Year 7.2017.pdf 3rd Year 2.2017.pdf
  3rd Year Apprentice Schedule

4th Year 6.2016.pdf
  4th Year Apprentice Schedules