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Benefits of Becoming a Union Contractor
POOL OF QUALIFIED CRAFTSMEN/WOMEN - When a contractor obtains labor from the Union, he can request craftsmen/women in the numbers required for a specific project or situation. He will get qualified, trained people that are capable of performing any aspect of the craft. When that project is completed or circumstances dictate a reduction in the labor force, he can lay off the necessary number of workers and they can return to the hall and be placed on the referral list. He would also have the ability to recall workers by name within 30 days providing those workers have not accepted other employment.

PREVAILING WAGE ECONOMIC BENEFITS – The Union provides a state certified training facility (Apprenticeship Program). All apprentices are indentured by the State of Pennsylvania and their rates are therefore recognized as legitimate on prevailing wage projects. That means that instead of paying the posted journeyperson’s rate for every worker on a project, the contractor would have the ability to utilize apprentices on those projects at a recognized lesser rate which equates to the ability to realize savings on labor and to bid those projects accordingly. This allows the contractor to be more competitive in the bidding process that yields more contract awards.

BID ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS – The Union has in place programs that can assist signatory contractors to be competitive on specific projects. There is flexibility, in certain situations, to allow journeyperson/apprentice ratios to be adjusted to aid in an overall reduction in labor costs that would allow the contractor to be more competitive. Project targeting can be used in certain circumstances to aid the contractor in procuring contract awards. Various approaches can be used for this purpose. Market recovery funding can also be utilized to attain the same goals.

ADMINISTRATIVE COST REDUCTION - Signatory Union contractors pay fringe contributions on their employees to a single location monthly. This single payment structure eliminates the need for multiple payments to various locations that could save the contractor time and money.

Frequently Asked Qestions
Q. If I were to become a signatory Union contractor, would I be able to retain my current work force or would the Union insist on providing me with employees of their choosing?
A. Any employer who decides to become a Union contractor would retain their current employees for as long as they desire. Those employees would become members of the Union and would enjoy all of the benefits that the existing members have. If that employer determines that there is a need for additional employees, there are certified and trained craftsmen/women available from the Union. Conversely, if the employer needs to downsize the number of people they employ, then they can send them to the Union for referral to other employment.

Q. How much control would the Union exert in the way I run by business if I were to become signatory?
A. None! The function of the Union is to refer craftsmen/women to the contractor
when they request them. The Union has absolutely no control in how a contractor runs his or her business, nor does it want any. The collective bargaining agreement between the contractor and the Union is a tool to protect the rights of both the worker and the employer with regard to terms and conditions of employment.

Q. How can I remain successful and profitable when I will have to pay the higher Union wage and benefits to my employees?
A. It is true that in most cases a newly signed contractor will experience higher labor costs than before. The fact is Union craftsmen/women are well trained and more productive. The quality of work will be much better than was experienced before. These facts equate to becoming more competitive in the marketplace and more profitability. The Union also has programs in place that aid the contractor in securing awards and helping them achieve success.

Q. As a signatory Union contractor, what do I have to pay the Union?
A. Signatory contractors pay nothing to the Union! As a Union contractor, your responsibilities are to pay the wages and benefits in effect in the collective bargaining agreement for your employees. Your employees, who are Union members, will be required to pay dues to the Union, not you.

Q. Do I have to get the permission of the Union to work overtime and does the Union tell me who I have to put on overtime work?
A. No, as a signatory contractor, you make those decisions the way you want. The Union does not interfere with your management rights.
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