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Local 23 at the May 6th, 2019 rally at the Capital to Save TMI. Thank you to Local 2, Local 38 and especially Local 14 for showing up and being a part of this important event for jobs in Central PA!

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  LOCAL 23 ANNUAL GOLF OUTING ~ Benefitting Mesothelioma Research
Local 23's annual golf outing will be held at Royal Oaks Golf Club in Lebanon on Saturday, June 3 at 8:30am. Please click registration form to the left.

Payments can be made via check or this website's home page, under "Meso Golf".

  Become an Insulator
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Mechanical Insulation Apprentices Needed (Allentown, Harrisburg, Lancaster, York)

Apprenticeship Applications and Aptitude Testing for the Heat & Frost Insulators & Allied Workers Local 23 Apprenticeship will be held on Monday, May 23 and Tuesday May 24, 2022 from 9:00am to 3:00pm at the Insulators Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee Office, 8926 Jonestown Road, Grantville, PA.
All Applicants must be 18 years of age and possess a high school diploma or GED. Please note: Applications must be completed at InsulatorsLocal23.org. Testing can only be completed at the times listed above, this process takes approximately an hour.

Those who are accepted into the program will be required to participate in classroom training in Grantville, PA and on the job training at job sites that may be located in any of the following PA counties: Adams, Berks, Centre, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Fulton, Huntingdon, Juniata, Lancaster, Lebanon, Lehigh, Mifflin, Northampton, Perry, Schuylkill, Snyder and York.

Heat & Frost Insulators & Allied Workers Local 23 Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee operates without discrimination based on race, religion, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, national origin, age or any other characteristic protected by law.

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  Cold Weather Preparedness
Anyone working in a cold environment may be at risk of cold stress. Some workers may be required to work outdoors in cold environments and for extended periods, for example, snow cleanup crews, sanitation workers, police officers and emergency response and recovery personnel, like firefighters, and emergency medical technicians. Cold stress can be encountered in these types of work environment. The following frequently asked questions will help workers understand what cold stress is, how it may affect their health and safety, and how it can be prevented. Please see link below.

NOTE FROM THE INDIVISIBLE TEAM: Since this guide went live as a Google Doc, we've received an overwhelming flood of messages from people all over the country working to resist the Trump agenda. We are thrilled and humbled by the energy and passion of this growing movement. We will be updating the guide based on your feedbacknnnnnand making it interactive ASAP. nnnnnnnnnnYou can sign up for updates at www.IndivisibleGuide.com.nnnnn

Every single person who worked on this guide and website is a volunteer. We are doing this in our free
time without coordination or support from our employers. Our only goal is to help the real leaders
on the ground who are resisting Trump's agenda on their home turf. We hope you will take this
document and use it however you see fit.

And please please please spread the word! Only folks who know this exists will use it.

Good luck! We will win.


  Buy Lehigh Valley
"Buy Lehigh Valley" has a really nice ring to it, doesn't it? This is a great region with a bright future. So why not come together with the tremendous purchase power of a million people to ensure we become all we can be?nnnnn
I love seeing people consciously making an effort to spend their hard earned dollars at Lehigh Valley businesses. These are companies that are going to hire your neighbor, your brother, your aunt and anyone else you care about. There are so many local companies that not only work so hard every day to do great things in business, but are also are totally committed to their employees AND their community.

It's heartwarming to see so many efforts that go on locally to support people in need. It amazes me how many of these local companies give so much of their time and money to support many many causes, including the United Way, Toys for Tots, Children's Home of Easton, The Salvation Army and The Rescue Mission.

to read more....click link

HARRISBURG, PA Today, Governor Tom Wolf signed HB319 into law which will finally provide nearly 44,000 additional people with insurance in the event they lose their job or cannot find work.

"This agreement brought together both Republicans and Democrats, as well as advocates in the business community and organized labor, to ensure that we help the unemployed while they try to find work," said Governor Tom Wolf. "We accomplished this while remaining fiscally responsible and good stewards of taxpayer dollars. Once again, this is another example of how people can come together to find real solutions to serious challenges, despite the belief by some that Harrisburg is no longer able to tackle big issues on behalf of the people of Pennsylvania."

Act 144 will help to ensure that seasonal workers and those who need unemployment insurance will have better and more efficient access to those funds. While there are many people who need unemployment insurance to get them through periods of unemployment, seasonal workers in industries such as construction utilize these funds to make it through the winter months.

"This well-designed solution prevents what could have been a serious employment and economic problem in many areas of the state, so it comes as a huge relief for tens of thousands of seasonal workers and for their employers," said Senator Lisa Baker.

"Through a strong bipartisan effort, we developed a sound policy to ensure that approximately 44,000 workers will no longer be ineligible for benefits." Representative John Galloway said. "Thanks to all the legislators and staff who worked together to put the needs of workers as a top priority."

The previous rule mandated that 49.5 percent of wages must be earned outside the highest quarter of earning for an individual to receive unemployment insurance. This percentage was prohibitively high and left many individuals and families of seasonal workers without this important financial bridge to cover leaner work months.

The change made in this legislation, lowering that bar to 37 percent of wages earned outside the highest quarter, removes a significant barrier to receiving benefits and will allow Pennsylvania families and workers to receive what they have earned a stable and reliable unemployment insurance benefit.

To pay for this change, the legislation adopts several cost saving changes to ensure that Pennsylvania's UC trust fund remains financially solvent. They include:

* An across the board 2% reduction (reset) in benefits - $44 million in annual savings.

* Slowed growth in future benefits, beginning in 2020 through 2023 the maximum benefit will grow

* From 2024 and thereafter the maximum benefit will grow by 4%, this change will save at least $400 million annually, and is expected to grow each year thereafter.

To ensure that the fund's health continues to improve a series of triggers have been included to address any decline or stalled growth of the funds reserves. The amendment also includes several updates to the laws fraud provisions to further protect the integrity of the system.

Date/Time: 6/8/2023 6:00:00 PM - Special Meeting
Location: 8926 Jonestown Road, Grantville, PA

8926 Jonestown Road
Grantville, PA 17028
Phone: +1 717 930-0922
E-mail: Local23@insulatorslocal23.com
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