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Promoting a Livable Wage
The Insulators and Allied Workers Local 23 supports a livable wage and good benefits for all workers. As Insulators, we know that our trade takes dedication and skill. We also know that we should get compensated fairly for the work we do. If you are an Insulator, ask yourself these simple questions; Am I getting the best pay for the hard work I do every day? Am I getting good health benefits for myself and my family? Am I setting myself up for retirement?

If you answer no to any of these simple questions you are not alone. Too many of our fellow Insulation workers are working for less and less, even though our trade is in desperate need for more workers to take up the tools and learn the trade.

Ask yourself one more question. Why don't I make a CHANGE?! Local 23 Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers is here for you. We are your fellow Insulation Workers. Put aside any misconceptions or ideas that you have about the union and look into for yourself.

Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Local 23 was organized on August 16th 1938. Through a merger of local 65 of York and local 71 of Allentown on July 18th 1963 they became one local. Our Union has endured through good times and bad in peacetime and at war, through economic depression and prosperity, and through it all we not only have survived, we have flourished.

We proudly recognize all those who have played an important role in our growth, and look to our ranks to continue this great tradition of organized labor, to work together to better the lives of all of our members to ensure that future generations of members provide the dedication of excellence that has brought our Trade to its position of excellence in the Pennsylvania Building & Construction Trades Council.

Heat and Frost Insulators & Allied Workers currently install many different types of insulation materials for the thermal protection of hot and cold mechanical systems. Insulating is performed in virtually every type of commercial building in the country, as well as industrial plants, chemical facilities, nuclear as well as fossil fuel power plants, military facilities, schools, universities, strip malls and underground piping systems. Our members are trained in every aspect of the insulation application and are constantly upgrading their techniques and certifications to stay abreast of the ever changing market place in which we work. In addition to insulation work the Local 23 members also are certified in fire protection penetration work as well as sound-proofing and all other installations of protective coatings on mechanical systems.

Benefits of Becoming a Union Member

THE Union REPRESENTS ITS MEMBERS – Have you ever had a disagreement with your employer? Most workers have at one time or another. When that happens, it is you against your employer, one on one. Guess who is going to win that argument! Your Boss! As a "Union member", you have representation and protection. First, you are working under a collective bargaining agreement, which is negotiated with the employers. This agreement sets down terms and conditions of employment that are agreed to by the Union and the employers. That eliminates many problems, which could arise between worker and employer. Secondly, you have representation in the form of a Business Manager or Agent. They are the representatives of the Union who intervene on your behalf when issues come up between worker and employer.

WAGES – Do you feel that you are being paid a "fair" wage for what you do and the amount of experience you have? Most non-Union workers are not! The collective bargaining agreement sets fair wages for difference classifications of workers, based on their experience. Not only are the wages fair, but also you will know in advance when you will be getting a raise and how much it will be. Wages are negotiated in the collective bargaining agreement.

BENEFITS - Do you have adequate benefits where you are now working? The Union offers its members excellent benefits. You will have quality health care for yourself and your family. You will also have an adequate pension plan, which will provide you with enough money to retire and maintain your lifestyle. In addition, you will have an annuity benefit to supplement your pension. An annuity is a personal fund invested for you at your direction. That money is also available to you when you retire.

WORKING CONDITIONS – Are the conditions you work under safe? Do you put yourself at risk trying to make money for your employer? You don't have to! The collective bargaining agreement sets down rules and responsibilities for both workers and employers regarding safety and dangerous working conditions. Safety is a major concern for everyone involved.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q. If I were to decide to join the Union, would I work all the time?
A. As it is with any job, anywhere, there is no guarantee of 100% employment. However, with the Union, your chances of going back to work, should you be laid off, are greatly increased. The Union has an out of work list containing the names of unemployed members. Since the Union refers workers to multiple signatory contractors, the time you would be out of work, should you be laid off, would be very short. Unemployed members are refereed to work on an equal and non-discriminatory manner.

Q. Would I have to pay Union dues if I decided to join the Union, I don't pay any now?
As is the case with any organization, there is cost associated with membership. An organization has operating costs, just like any business. Yes, you will have to contribute, in the form of dues, to the Union to be a member. You may not think that you are paying Union dues to your current employer, but in a very real way you are. The difference between the Union wage rate and wage you are being paid by your current employer is the amount of non-Union dues you are paying to your employer, each and every hour you work.

Q. Am I going to have trouble with current members of the Union if I decide to join since I am now a non-Union worker?
A. No, you will not. The current members of the Union support the organizing program. They realize that anyone working as an insulator other than in the Union sector is doing the same kind of work that they are. Recognizing that, they believe that all people working in our industry deserve the same living wage and benefits that they enjoy. Experience has shown that Union members have welcomed organized workers from non-Union, who only want to improve their lives and that of their families.

Q. How will the Union determine my wage rate in the event I decide to join?
A. The Union has wage rates designated within the collective bargaining agreement for different classifications of workers. When a worker is organized from non-Union there is an evaluation to determine the length of time worked in the industry and the individual's mechanical ability in the application of insulation materials. From this evaluation, it is determined what classification the worker will become in the Union. The wage rate will be that of the classification selected for that individual.
Local 23 Contact Information
  Union Contacts:
Bill McGee, Local 23 Business Manager
  Union Address: 8926 Jonestown Road, Grantville, PA 17028
  Union Phone: (717) 930-0922
  Union Fax: (717) 930-0925
  Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
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